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  • Taking the Emotion out of your Home Sale

    Thursday, May 5, 2016   /   by GetWrittn Blog

    Taking the Emotion out of your Home Sale

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    You’ve made years of memories in your home – it is where you’ve shared good times and bad, put most of your pay check each month and spent most of your waking and non-waking hours. Selling a home is definitely an emotional decision, usually fraught with questions about where to go next and if you’ll be as happy as or happier than you were in this home. You might also wonder if the new owners will care for your home like you did and what their family is like. All of these feelings are normal, but they can be detrimental to the business of selling your home. The sale of your home is just that – a business transaction – and you need to take out all emotion so you can get the most money in the least amount of time.

    This is a business transaction

    The first thing you need to do is acknowledge that your home is just a structure and that you will still have your memories once you leave. You’ll make more happy times in another home, whether that home is a condo, vacation home or another home. Pricing your home according to market value and not what you think it is worth is also the key to having the most offers in the least amount of time. Overpriced homes sit on the market and lose value just by doing so.

    By thinking of your home as a building, rather than the spot you raised your children, you can also imagine it as a product that you need to market to the best of your ability. Change your focus from homeowner to home seller. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to your home to attract buyers. You might just love your patterned lemon wallpaper that you chose with your late mother, but buyers might just see a dated room. As well, take down all of the family photos and remove most of the personal items. Buyers want to see themselves making new memories there, not be reminded of yours.

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    Get out of the house

    Similarly, buyers also want to see buying a home as a transaction, which means they might not want to see who they are buying from. Always go out when you have showings or open houses. This allows buyers to be completely honest about what they like and don’t like about the house and you won’t feel criticized.

    Keep calm and carry on

    When the offers come in, you also need to detach emotionally. Don’t take a lowball offer as a hit against you personally – the buyer is probably just trying to feel you out and see what you’d be willing to take. Keep a calm head and simply decline.

    Selling a home can be tough, but with these simple tips, you’ll be on  your way to making a new life somewhere else, money in your pocket.