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  • Home Seller's Guide to Moneymaking Fix Ups

     44 Moneymaking Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell


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    The Way You Live In A Home And The Way You Sell A Home Are TWO Very Different Things!


     Each year thousands of homeowners unnecessarily lose money when they sell their homes.  They don’t lose money because someone took advantage of them.  And they don’t lose money because it wasn’t “marketed” well.


    Even Seasoned Homeowners Lose Thousands of Dollars

    Because They Didn’t Know About The Important Factors

    That Influence The Value Of Their Homes


          If you desire to sell your home for top dollar, and in your time frame, you need to do two things:  1) Get control of your personal emotions about your home, and 2)  Place yourself in the shoes of potential buyers.  Look at your home the way they would, and make it appealing in the right areas. 


    I know that putting your “homeowner emotions” aside may be tough to do.  But doing so will help you to position your home to sell for top dollar, and in your time frame. 


    After all, selling your home is very different from any other financial transaction.  Your house isn’t just a “thing.”  It’s your HOME!


    It’s the place where you raised your children.  The place where you hold countless family memories…Thanksgiving dinners, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries and more.  It’s the place where you solved problems over the kitchen table late at night. 


    So it’s no surprise that selling your home may involve a bit of sadness, fear…or even excitement for the next move in your life.


    Try not to let these emotions get in the way of a prudent sale.  The tips and suggestions in this report will help..... Register to the right to receive your guide to moneymaking fix ups.